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Top Ten Bizarre Transformations in Cartoons Part 3
Previously, on Popculture-Patron:
“Don’t you hate those ‘previously on’ jokes that have a bunch of misinformation and take forever but keep the last thing as factual?”
“I’d never do something so stupid.”
“A countdown made in MS Paint is my most popular piece, this is why Donald Trump is president”
This is what we do, people. We adapt. We evolve. I always said I wanted to do a third one, even if I piss and moan about the first one being more popular than my genuine literature. These are still fun lists to do.
Transformations, or TF’s, as I’ve learned the fetish community has classified them (y’all are sick puppies) have been a part of animation for decades, from the most minor changes, like Sailor Moon and Cinderella, to childhood scaring nightmare fuel like Lampwick from Pinocchio… for the record, I don’t cover films on these countdowns because they are practically a genre of holy shit unto themse
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Hideout Book Concepts: Factions
In spite of its massive hero population, the city has its share of criminal groups. While the supervillains tend to work as individuals, some prefer the safety and authority of being part of a larger whole. Here is a quick breakdown of the multiple back alley hustlers and shadow agencies about the city.
The Raiderz
The gang that Geiger and Rage once belonged to came under new management in the form of Crank, a dwarf, built like a brick house, and a genius in the field of engineering. Easily recognized by his inordinately tall, neon green Mohawk and handlebar mustache and the pipewrench the size of a sledgehammer he wields, he dethroned Geiger as the Raider King and rebranded the niche apocalypse themed gang into a more traditional motorcycle gang, albeit with way more power under their hoods. He also opened up admission and brought in more of his kind of muscle: orcs, demons, yokai, and his personal body guard, Robo-zombie, or as some of the goons jokingly call him, Crankenstein's Mons
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Tales From the Hideout: Witch Hunter's Moon
February in Oregon. It doesn't snow as much as the East or Midwest, but it gets bitter and rainy. It was midnight, with a light drizzle cascading down upon the city.
Two women walked along empty streets. One stumbled along, giggling infrequently, while the other calmly measured every step she took, using park benches and street lamps to steady herself.
"Get the long island iced tea, you said" said the second woman, bitterly, "Live it up, you said."
"Oh, come on, sweetie! It was only three or seven cocktails! You gotta loosen up." answered the first woman, swinging around a no parking sign, singing Shut Up and Dance off key.
They finally reached their apartment building, a lavish and extravagant place that cost more to rent than most houses.
The door man stopped them.
"Ms. Hekate." he said, "I believe one of your... Gentlemen callers is here."
"Mother, who did you invite this time?" asked the more austere of the two ladies, shaking her head.
"I don't remember giving anyone my number...
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Hideout Book Concepts: Meet the Main Characters
Rainn Geiger-
Rainn Sydney Geiger, know mostly as Geiger, is a meta human criminal from the late 90s. His parents burned out hippies, Rainn escaped to the streets where he was "adopted" by the Raiderz, a Motorcycle Gang who modeled themselves after the Mad Max gangs. Geiger was captured by the shadow organization, chimera, and experimented on, to see if they could create an indestructible soldier. Upon perfecting the serum in Geiger, however, their airship crashed, and the now unbreakable Geiger was the only survivor. Going back to the Raiderz, he became their leader, and they started doing big time jobs for large criminal organizations. However, Geiger was eventually usurped as leader, and thrown into the gutter. Geiger tried to stick it out on his own as a super villain, but failed miserably, one job after another. Broken in every way but physically, Geiger crawled into the trunk of an abandoned car, and just laid there... For twenty years as if in a coma... Until a battle between se
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Hideout Book Concepts: Setting Locations
The City
Situated on the coast in the Pacific Northwest, the City is the home of most of the characters in the story. I haven't decided on a name yet... I kinda want to leave it nameless, like the Tick did. It's made of various sections designed to emulate comic cities and other urban environments from fiction.
The Hideout Tavern: The Meet up locale for the main characters, as well inspiration for the name. The Hideout is a bar in the basement of a classic red brick apartment building. The owners are Colonel Corona and Commander Wolfe, are former higher ups in the Cobra-esque organization, Chimera Technologies, a shadow government who wanted to take over the world. They left C-Tech, as it was called, as the organization crumbled, also after embezzling billions from C-Tech's President, Johann Schroeder's private accounts. They then used this money to fund their building, part boarding house for supervillains, part information broker. Wolfe clearly runs most of the show, being a
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Pony Talks: Best/Worst of Season Six
Hey, remember when I used to review this show? I member...
2016 has come and gone, as has its season of ponies.
This year has brought us many surprises, good and bad, but I'll be restricting my gaze to the show. These are my five best and five worst of season six. Which ones amazed? Which ones fell flat? Stay tuned.
Fifth Worst: Carts Before the Ponies-
I shouldn't have to say how disappointed I am they didn't just switch partners, since we could see more interesting interactions, like excitable Scootaloo with dramatic Rarity.
But, really, the episode fails just because you expect more from these characters. AJ, Dash, and Stay Puft were made to serve the needs of the plot in a bland episode that does disservice to their characters.
While not nearly as bad as the upcoming, it is sad the only redeeming quality is Cheerilee's cheerleader outfit... No, not for that reason! Get your mind out of the gutter. I just find the implications hilarious, like Principal Celestia's scout uniform. I al
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HELP, I have a problem! :iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 1 0 I Buy My Own Affection... :iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 5 2
Top 10 Furry Waifus for Non-Furries
Oh, what levels of depravity I am willing to sink to to reignite interest in my channel?
Just kidding, I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't have an interest in the subject, however embarassing it feels to talk about. Yolo, right? The idea came to me during the release of the Gadgetzan expansion for Hearthstone, where the young Panderan leader of the Yakuza-esque Jade Lotus caught my fancy to... Unhealthy extents.
I think the stigmata of the furry fandom has ruined a lot of potential waifu material for many people, because let's be real, normal people don't want to be associated with a fandom known for dressing like Chuck E. Cheese animatronics. But, I'm already a brony, so that ship sailed a LONG time ago.
And, I should also mention that I am not a furry, and other than some outsider perspectives on others' experiences, I know little about what makes a character "furry", so I'm going to make it as catch-all as possible, and say it's an animal that has been anthropomorphsized in some
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Top 10 Fictional Anarchists
In 1605, a Catholic Revolutionary by the name of Guy Fawkes sought usurp the protestant dominance of England by destroying Parliament. This Gun Powder Plot, as it was called, is famous for just barely being prevented. He was literally dropping the torch when they caught him. Since then, the name and image of Guy has become synonymous with Anarchy. From Alan Moore Comics to Hacker Groups to minor characters in video games (well... Not so minor, Fawkes is the best follower in Fallout 3), the name Fawkes symbollizes revolution and fighting against tyranny... Despite the real Fawkes being hanged for trying to install a religion that is pretty fricking tyrannical. So, in celebration of the name, and mockery of the man who it was appropriated from, here are my top ten fictional anarchists. And yes, I am aware this is late. Stuff came up, and I got delayed.
Before we begin, not to diss the ideas of anarchy, but I will be counting any and all who seek to undermine government without a real rep
:iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 3 5
Possibly the Best Thing I Ever Bought :iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 2 2
Rough Draft: Tales From The Hideout: City of Death
Ben greeted his colleague with great enthusiasm.
"Ah, Professor Lane, what a pleasure! I haven't seen you since you studied here for your finals."
Professor Lane took Ben's hand and gave it a friendly shake, "Ben, my old friend. It's been forever. So, how's the exhibit coming along?"
The two began walking through the museum as Ben gushed over Lane's findings, "It's incredible! I've never seen so much intact Roman Legion gear, and in mint condition! Where did you find it all?"
"Archeological dig in Israel. It all dates back to Rome's original occupation. Found it in a tomb we were excavating, sealed tight. Apparently, it was a memorial to the first legion stationed there. They all died mysterious deaths. Half the workers were convinced we found a cursed site, but nothing bad's happened yet."
The new Roman Legion exhibit was all set up in a large rotunda. It was perfect. 1000 suits of armor, all adorning mannequins, and in the center, the Legate, ever gleaming with his helmet still posse
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Lore Concept: The Vanguard of Valor
We here at Detective Gray Comics know some new readers take a while to get acclimated to the history and lore of our universe, so, we have developed this handy pocket bio for some of our most popular heroes, for the convenience of our Sectarians.
The Masked Wizard: Not the same Wizard you know today, oh no. In lieu of a full helmet, this Wizard managed to keep his identity secret using far less. Philanthropist and anthropologist Benjamin Jameson is largely considered to have started the superhero boom in our fair city when he began operations in the late 50's. Jameson is the child of Welsh immigrants and a descendant of the same druidic tribe as Merlin, a clan known for possessing inborn magic talent. Ben, however, originally had no taste for the family practices, and instead devoted himself to history. After moving to the city to take over management of a museum, he was the victim of a break in by the vampiric sorcerer, Cameron Xotes (going under then alias of Camazotz), who stole an
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Book Concepts: Lore Idea
Legend speaks of seven celestial lords who decide the fates of the wicked and rule the afterlife with an iron fist. They reside in a kingdom of darkness and fire within the spirit realm.
Due to their nature as rulers of those punished for their foul deeds, they are known as the Princes of Sin. Each one named after the worst vices of man.
Vanity: Pride incarnate. Part of a race of creatures made of light, the Prince of Vanity considers himself the rightful ruler of the spirit world, saying that he was constructed from the light of the dawning sun. How this makes him the true ruler is anyone's guess.
Avarice: a literal golden god, Avarice's greedy ways and hoarding led him to be cast out by his brothers, and he has sworn vengeance upon them. All who look upon him see what they desire most.
Ravage: A bottomless pit of voracious hunger, this arch demon looks like a giant bat, with an unhingable jaw for a gaping maw that some say resembles a whale shark, except circled by rows and rows of j
:iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 1 0
Business Trip Update :iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 4 2
Book Concepts: Race Ideas
Glamazons: A race of tribal warrior women whose choice in garb and war paint resemble 80s fashion trends, with denim jackets over their tunics and leg warmers under their shin guards. Believed to have been created by an anomaly in the space time continuum (or a whiny kid in a life preserver, who can say), they are an offshoot of normal Amazons who have the same base set of super human abilities, but have lasted a lot longer, due to their more lax view on the opposite sex. Whereas regular Amazons view men as inferior second class citizens, Glamazons view them as sex objects. Not much better, but at least they weren't enslaved. Glamazons still speak like Amazons, as in, they speak Latin and semi-broken english, but they are also hip to current lingo... Circa 1985. Much like the name implies, they are tall and curvy. Their chietain, or Hyper-Lita, can be identified by having the largest, spikiest, most colorful hair do of the bunch. Also, in lieu of war drums, they use synthesizers and ke
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Season 7 premiere
It was... okay? :shrug: Actually, more below okay than anything.
I'm not going to say much about "All Bottled Up"; it was pretty boring. "Celestial Advice" was fine. I'm glad it's the closest thing we've finally had to a Celestia episode.
Though it still really feels like a double-edged sword to me. I still don't like Starlight Glimmer, and I still find the fact that she's already graduated from being Twilight's student after only ONE season too rushed and Mary Sue-ish. Buuuut it only looks like Starlight Glimmer's still going to be playing an even bigger role this season.
Eh, I've already lowered my expectations for this season anyway. I didn't really expect a lot from the season 7 opener since the show's pretty much run out of villains or other huge adversaries for the Mane 6. The only big hopes I have this season are just for the actual Mane 6 to be the stars of the show again and NOT be constantly overshadowed by freaking Starlight. Seriously, for the past few episodes to have the
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Finally found something interesting
What three fictional characters do you associate me with?
:iconsketch-shepherd:Sketch-Shepherd 1 3
eqg starlight glimmer :iconta-na:Ta-Na 852 52 The worst that could happen... :iconjackasaurusrex:Jackasaurusrex 42 31 NIGHTMARE :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,093 418 You're Under Arrest!! :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,561 247 Untitled :icon0ndshok:0ndshok 39 1 Samurai is Friendship 1 :iconshogundun:Shogundun 209 32 Smash :iconrvceric:rvceric 317 29 FTIS Comic #1 :icongray--day:Gray--Day 1,062 195


by Smushey

We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other...

well, trying to be objective, I can only find three flaws max. The muzzle appears a tad off, not sure how, it just seems like it should...

The theories about Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash's parents have been done to death, plenty of OC's out there that in some loose way conne...

Oh sweet merciful Celestia, wait, no longer applicable. The style fits in with the show perfectly and is what their representation of i...


I will do photoshop pieces for your work. Videos, Literature pieces, and whatever else you might need an eye catcher for. All I ask is that you be specific in your request, know the limits of my craft, and be ready to go through multiple "drafts" for feedback if necessary.


Flurry of Emotions and Sumurai Jack

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 2:35 AM
Every second this baby is on screen seems to be a condom commercial.

(pictured: Shining and Flurry go to the supermarket)

Also, as if Cadence needed any reaffirmation of being worst princess (i refuse to admit Flurry is a princess, she is merely... The demon child), she dumps her crotch biscuit on naive little twilight with no warning. Dick. Move.

Also, how sentient is this baby? She's a regular babies sometimes, but clearly smarter than your average bear others. I half expect her to stand up and for Alec Baldwin's voice to come out.

Hmmm... That's not a half bad idea, actually...

(note to self: body swap episode between flurry heart and discord)

I wouldn't be so mad at the brat through a majority of the episode if SICK CHILDREN weren't waiting for their make a wish dream to come true... Ok, so it's not that serious, but still, the point stands.

Oh, right, there was a Samurai Jack episode today, and Scaramouche is back! He was so cool in the premier and-

He said penis... Goddamnit, Adult Swim.

But yeah, great way to show the people Jack has helped in his travels, and that the robots he's brutally killed are still able to be put back together.

And, my man, Demongo! So glad to see him back. Maybe he'll team up with Jack to help defeat Aku as now he seems to be something of a free agent.

Oh, and Jack tries to Sepuku. Woulda been cool if everyone followed Ashi to help remind Jack.

And speaking of Aku's rogue daughter... She's been naked the entire time. Like... Seriously? I couldn't have been the only one thinking it was a catsuit, right?

All in all, good Saturday. I laughed at ponies and cheered for the return of some of everyone's favorite characters.


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Best Dipping Sauce for McNuggets 

5 deviants said Barbecue
3 deviants said Mulan Szechuan Sauce (you must have tried it to pick it)
2 deviants said Ranch
2 deviants said Honey Mustard
2 deviants said I like my mcnuggets plain
1 deviant said Sweet and Sour


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